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OSC Digital DVR backup player

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I hope someone can help me here. My son's new BMX bike was stolen from our garage. My nieghbor has a video security system and cought them on video taking the bike, he gave me a copy of the video on CD but I cannot get it to play on my computer. It has a file name of Cam01(2009_11_06 17_00_30 ~ 2009_11_06 17_02_01).EXE When i try to open the file it acts like it is going to play in some kind of viewer but never opens. He does not now how to save it as a different file. He has a OSC Digital DVR security system. Dose anyone know of a player that will open this file?


Thank's for your help.

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What is the proprietary dvr software format? And where do I get it?


What I meant is instead of backuping up to .EXE try the other format they may offer like .DVR or something. But do what Joebo said first.

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