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    wave -p card

    Are you talking about this app? http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wapamonitor/id462670375?mt=8 I asked their tech support about it a while ago and they said that is only for their IP cameras/nvrs
  2. Hey Larry can you add me to the "Integrators" group please? I was on the private forums in the past. I can email you my credentials for proof if needed. Thanks!
  3. gfdcxgfd

    wave -p card

    Are you sure about the android/iphone app? I tried contacting them via email last week and they said there is no plans for this in the near future.
  4. gfdcxgfd

    GVB00(s) and V8.4 Video Lost

    Rory, Thanks for your input. I was thinking of the same problem that it may be just an older version, but what threw me off was that when I ran the Geovision V8 Detection Tool it said it is compatible to upgrade to the new software....kinda odd. We have used 8.4 on other systems previously and the only benefit in our situations is that the clients have the ability to view remotely from iPhone or Blackberry, which is the reason we are trying to upgrade my client over here. I'll just open up his computer and check the version of the card the next time I am in his neck of the woods (about 3 hours away)
  5. gfdcxgfd

    GVB00(s) and V8.4 Video Lost

    Hi, I am trying to help (for free) a client of mine who bought this system a long time ago from another installer. It is a custom made windows XP PC with the GV800(s) card installed 16 ch and 4 port audio previous software version was v5.2 I downloaded the official v8.4 software and installed it and all I get is just 16ch with 'video lost" on the screen. The following I have tried: 1. Reinstall video drivers. (Using the Geovision tool and also manually removing them from C:/windows/system32/drivers) 2. Check cables and connectors to make sure they are properly connected. 3. Run the Geovision V8 detection tool to make sure the card will support it. 4. Install the Geovision Codecs (Although I know this will not solve the problem I just gave it a shot) Any ideas? I have tried just about everything I can think of..... *Edit* I am not near the PC so I cannot tell for sure which version of the card it is but the previous driver installed for the system said it was for a GV800(s) so I am just going off of that. Also client stated that there is only one card installed in the PC if that helps any....
  6. gfdcxgfd

    Remote Power Management?

    Hey ya'll Sorry for the late response. I appreciate everyones input. To help out anyone else this is what we will be testing: http://www.cpscom.com/reboot.htm
  7. Hello, long story short, Clients call and say "hey cameras X is out" and in most cases just turning off the power to the power supply box and then turning it on will solve the problem. Question: Is there a cheap device on the market which I can use to manage power from a remote location? So for example a power strip with an ethernet cord and I can hook it up the the local network and then remotely from the office, log into the power strip and turn off power to a port for a minute or two and then turn it back on again. I know there are devices out on the market that are capable of doing this but they are just too damn expensive. I was thinking of something more budget friendly around ~$40 - $50.....I might be pushing my lucky but hey its worth a shot....any help is appreciated! Again I do not need anything too fancy or feature rich...just the more simple the better. Thanks..
  8. Hey Tom, I am not saying Mobotix is a BS company. I'm just saying that if you payed for it then why your not allowed to reset without sending it back is bs, the downtime and extra cost associated is just unnecessary and way to risky. Once its installed it shouldn't be down unless a total catastrophe or at least have some kind of a backup, after all this is the security industry. EX: A doctor cannot make it to the work to perform a necessary surgery, then what is the hospital gunna do? wait till the doctor gets better and risk losing the patients life or have another doctor on standby? just for reference: In regards to getting the camera back if it gets stolen, I assume they have a way of searching for its mac address or something once the thief hooks it back to the internet? thats interesting, I did not know that, although you can easily steal it for your own use, and never hook it to the internet then i assume that is the 20% chance of not getting it back? Just curious you got any link or anything from Mobotix that mentions this, its a pretty neat service for peace of mind. In regards to stopping the 3rd party installers thats another BS thing right there. If my client is not happy with my service and paid me in full, then I believe they have the right to go to another installer and let them maintain/work on the system. Also you can argue that this is not a big deal if you are the orignal installer, which I agree with you, but my argument is to protect the client/end user. I don't know about everyone else but when I install a system, I give my client all of the information from admin username/passwords for the system, dvr program, remote client, vnc, pretty much everything, if they paid in full, they should get in full. I'm having second thoughts about becoming certified from Mobotix, although I doubt they would care about my concerns as I'm just another ant in the pile. *EDIT* I just can't justify supporting a company that will try to capitalize on every little thing. Cost to overnight it there and back roughly $75-$100 depending on where you're located plus the factory charge of $100. So close to $200 to just reset the password, and the cost for a new camera is roughly ~$1100 from an authorized dealer. Take the geovision analog system for example, forgot your password? No problem, just run regedit, delete a couple of entries, and bham your up and running with only 10-15 minutes of downtime max. Forgot the password on your Mobotix? $200 and 3 days later you get it back, and then installation so 3-4 days downtime, yeah i don't know about ya'll but this is just ridiculous. *Note keep in mind, most system intregrators have employees, lets say one of your employee is unhappy with you (the boss), decides he wants to quit, but before that he will change the admin password along with the settings on all of the mobotix cameras you may have installed....so if he has access to 10 mobotix cameras, then your screwed out of $1200 plus cost to have another worker reconfigure and install and so on. sorry for the rambling.....
  9. you can only send them back to mobotix though a mobotix dealer. you will need more than just a password reset. so have a full factory update. and they will ask you the history of the camera. (remember they do) Wait...so let me get this correct....there is no manual push button reset switch on one of the most advanced cameras available? Dang thats a real deal blower, spending the extra cash is just BS put the downtime you will face is even worse. ex. send it in overnight, they fix it in one day and overnight it back to you, total time frame 3 days, and probably like $100, so for 3 days your client would be without security from that camera, and as you know mysterious stuff like theft, assault and sexual harassment and what not always will start to happen with the absence of a camera. *EDIT* Apparently you can reset to factory defaults but still have to send it into the factory for a main admin password. First time I've heard of something like this....kinda BS.
  10. after a quick google search, the cheapest i found the panasonic 484 domes online for was $###. any authorized retailer sells them for significantly more. I have about $4200 in the system so far, but have a few more things I want to do. [edit by mod-only msrp plz] Worth every penny I bet!
  11. Very clean man! How much for the entire system? I think I read something like $400 a camera so....
  12. Can you upload the software file? I could try messing with it to see if I can figure something out for you.
  13. If I read it correctly, your trying to do what mentioned by Vivotek to NOT DO. If I were you I would give it a shot but to save headaches and time just have separate viewing stations.