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Aver NV6480exp PC based dvr.

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I had no problems setting up this PC with windows XP and with 7.7 ver DVR works great. the issues I'm having after getting the system on-line are: End user is able to remote in from his PC at home, but his PC fails to complete the remote console completely. it errors out. I have also attempted to install the remote console files direct from the Data folder. it worked except, no control buttons appeared on the window.


Has anyone experienced anythying like this?

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usually seen this on clients PC when they remoted in.....turned out to be the video cards in the client PC's...

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Vista and Home & Pro.........


the client PC video card has to be right..........I've seen the missing Icons, ect. and when I upgraded the video card that problem went away.


Home7??? Is it a heavy video user? Maybe the issue is that Home7 is using more video resources than before and the video card is not handling both?


Not saying that is it, BUT, if you have a PC that is experiencing this and you can use a known good video card.......give it a try.


oh, to be safe, update the drivers before you look at hardware.....

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