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Jerrard Holland

[b]How do you bid conduit installation?[/b]

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I think I already know the answer to this, but here goes...

I recently lost a 19 camera installation that I had put a lot of work into. City planning department meetings, site visits, et al. My employer then pulled a number out of the hat for the installation price, a number that struck me as quite fair, if not even too low. $7,200 of labor to install the DVR, 7 cameras into a hard pan interior ceiling, and 12 installed on the outside of a 80x150' building, 6" thick. Add to that the set up of the boxes, user training, and training for the offsite viewing users and this starts looking kind of low to me.


Now, I lost that bid to a guy who never looked at the site, and bid a labor price so low that there was no rebuttal, $1,000.


But my question is, does anyone use any formulas to determine the price of a conduit intensive installation?

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with those open public bids I always say the company that makes the biggest mistake wins the project.. if it's not your company and you could care less about margin and you are just under pressure to win deals then you somehow justify 1k for install for a job you know is going to take you over a week to pull off. I try and stay away from those type deals unless i help design the project


good luck with the next project, dont beat yourself up about it we have all been there but you learn what deals you can win and ones you need to walk away from

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The first guy will screw up the job royally, and they will be calling you in short time to come out, and fix it right!




in my old job 90% of the work was just that.

some of the worse where brand new apartment buildings that they had gone cheap and used under rated cable. they had to cut all the walls open and pulled all new cable through. the repair cost would have cost 3-4x what they paid for the whole job to start with.

in some contract work, a lot of the contractors used to skip all the customer training part. used to get heaps of usage related call backs.


the worse bit of it all was the mickey mouse brigade used to do all the easy stuff, make 80% of the $$$ and you got to repair it all, do all the hard work and make 20% of the $$$.

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