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Replace NV7000H with .....

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Hello !


I am running a NV7000H (the first with hardware .264 compression) for 2 years now. Now I need more channels. (8 analog, 4 IP cameras)


I probably have to choose between NV6480E and NV 7480. Do you know why 6480E is more expensive, although it has "only" Software compression ?


Perhaps somebody knows the NV7000H as well , I am quite unsatisified with the digitizer in this card. IP-Cam image is great, but analog sources are shown pretty noisy. Is the digitizer on the new cards better ?


Thanks a lot,



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Probably has to do with the NV6480EXP being PCI-E 1x which gives it a speed boost over the PCI NV7480 card. I guess paying for the newer technology slot idealism is in effect.

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