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Recommendations for Quad or "Dual" Processor

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End goal: to generate a Split Screen Image, both horizontal and vertical modes needed, clipped not scaled, from two non-syncgen'd B/W cameras.



* Low Power usage

* at least 50C operating temperature

* good video fidelity

* Affordable price (the ovation product, micro foresight, is > $1000!, way out of my range)


(Many quads have XxY pixels specified, but this doesn't indicate the input (analog) video bandwidth. If it's only 3.5Mhz, you'll have 300 tvl despite the number of pixels.)


Don't need audio, or any other bells & whistles. Would like to have two units in one box, but I can't seem to even find one unit like that.

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look at this one from CompuVideo , part # DSP-4000 . if interested just PM me for price. thank you. - Howard - SpyTown



That's one of the two the Mod deleted from my post. There is also a DSP-2000 that doesn't have the joystick for pan/tilt.



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