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Licence plate camera

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Hi all,

I am on a project where I need to install licence plate camera.

On of my suppliers recommanded this camera :

Scanning System



NTSC 525 lines 2:1 interlace


PAL 625 lines 2:1 interlace


Scanning Frequency

NTSC 15,734Hz(H) , 60Hz(V)

PAL 15,625Hz(H) , 50Hz(V)

Effective Pixels

NTSC 512(H) x 492(V)

811(H) x 508(V)

PAL 512(H) x 582(V)

795(H) x 596(V)


Electronic Shutter

NTSC 1/2-1/120,000sec.

PAL 3/5-1/120,000sec

Image Device 1/3" SONY CCD


Horizontal Resolution

480 TV lines Enhanced

560 TV lines Enhanced


Sensitivity 0.001Lux ( Slow-Shutter 32X )


Signal to Noise More than 52dB


Gain Control Auto - 18dB or 0-26Db, ON/OFF


White Balance Auto 3200-10000 ° K

DNR Built-in DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)




Gamma Correction 0.45

Slow-Shutter ON / OFF

H - Mirror ON / OFF


SYNC System Line Lock or Internal


Lens DC drive auto iris lens / C, CS Mount


Video Output 1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ohm

Audio Output 0.7 Vp-p, 600 Ohm


What do you think about this configuration?

Thanx in advance for help.

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never heard of that brand. I did however look at their site. I see most of their "starlight" cameras have internal infrared. hmmm... that raises some red flags.


most all their other cameras look like cheap ebay crap.

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