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  1. zmxtech

    ACTI vs AXIS encoders

    if i remember the Acti`s don't do mjpeg ?
  2. zmxtech

    Cameras for a Marina

    the amount of lines does not count for much its the quality of the CCD !
  3. zmxtech

    Hard Drives for DVRs

    make sure you buy a color hard drive you would not want to store in black n white......
  4. very messy setup, and the RM infrared would not match the range of the zoom lens just some constructive criticism
  5. zmxtech

    bullet pinholes low light effio PAL

    thanks for that I spent another 3 hours searching till 4 in the morning and found the same from a link here ! I have Emailed them cheers..........
  6. hi folks, Im after some low light pinhole bullet cameras [PAL version] I see there are tons of .003 lux etc but they are all NTSC Are there Effio, super HAD2 etc etc that are any good that are PAL ? Ive spent hours on Fee-bay and goo-gal, here and cant seem to find anything worthy did i mention PAL......not NTSC regards, m
  7. zmxtech

    Licence plate camera

    whats the brand ? lens ?
  8. everyone is missing the main point it called 802.11 overlapping channels nothing to do with speed or security http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.11 you can only have so much wireless in an area before problems, I would never use it as a main link or even for one camera its just too easy to jam z
  9. zmxtech

    suggestions for good night time vision cameras

    brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr blowing my horn http://www.zmx.com.au/radar.htm
  10. Another way is to loop the remote end to test it end-to-end
  11. IP is they way to go for sure and Ubiquiti products are nice they also use some NON WIFI protocols that's a bonus I would also put a ANPR camera at the entry points, having lived in a condo for years you`ll need it ! There no point saying "it was the red car" ... you want to say ....and here's the Rego !
  12. NO way would I use "WIFI" ? Even with a high powered 5ghz system and directional antennas its on the same band as 121+ people. Your system can /will go down very easy. Any wireless link that's on a public band is asking for trouble Even a class1 bluetooth unit close by will kill it. [the cameras no doubt will be on the BG bands]. Sorry those quotes are a stooge by amateurs you will be plagued with problems. It needs to be done properly with Fiber/cat5/6. that said for some interconnects YOU could get away with a 5ghz WPA2/AES/hidden SSID with lots of power from high gain antennas but risky.... my 2c
  13. zmxtech

    suggestions for good night time vision cameras

    yes I was thinking of those but you would have to buy 10 or get real lucky !
  14. thats right add some IR a few 180 deg dome units on the roof will work wonders