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Help with 'soft' pictures

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I have just installed 2 new Nite Devil camera's and although the night vision and colour reproduction is great I am unhappy with the quality of the pictures, they look very soft and slightly out of focus even tho I have spent ages focusing them. Depending on the time of day and light ch2 can look slightly better but ch4 is just bad.


ch1 and 3 are cheap ebay 420tvl, 6 years old, ch2 and 4 are new nite devils and are 600TVL true day night, ICR.


I think the old camera's are sharper.


I am focusing them by looking at the laptop screen, which isn't ideal but all I can do....am I missing something?


Any advice would be great.



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My first thought is they're just crappy cameras.


BUT there's a couple things you can check.


Check to make sure you didn't smudge the lenses with some finger print grease. Also make sure all plastic shipping protective covers off. Most cameras are shipping with some kind of plastic on the glass. Camera 4 especially looks like it may still be on...


However, like I said... they just look like crappy cameras with poor quality lenses.

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Well they cost £150 each, low end I know but the ebay ones were about £40 and are quite old.

I have taken the protective film off of both and the lenses look clean, I don't think I touched them. How would I go about cleaning them?

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I have $300 cameras sitting on my shelf I wouldn't sell to an enemy. Price doesn't make them better. The picture is what it is: crappy.


It's unfortunate, but at least others can be warned of that junk.

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