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Noise in Elevator CCTV

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Hi everyone,

Recently we just installed analog dome camera inside the elevator using RG59 coaxial cable & flexible cable. The result wasn't good, there were some noise when the elevator closed its door and start moving. The video looks "grainy" each time the elevator closed its door & start moving.

The video quality is good when the elevator is not moving.


Why does this happen? Anyway to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!

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I've had better luck using good (Nitek/NVT) baluns on a twisted pair phone cable in the traveler.


22 floors is a pretty long traveler cable, with power bundled in the cable along with the video, in most cases. Some interference may be unavoidable.


The best picture I had was using a DSL-type Ethernet extender over a twisted pair in the cable, and an IP camera in the elevator cab. No interference there, and much higher resolution available.

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Sounds like problem with cable from elevator to elevator machine room. Find out if cctv cable is installed outside the elevator traveling cable or inside the Traveling cable. If outside its most likely a problem with cable which will need to be replaced.

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