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  1. Hi everyone, We are planning to install cameras along a 15km stretch river. Initially we plan to have one IP camera on a pole at every 1 km along the river. The ip cctv recording server & gigabit network switch will be placed at the end of the 15km stretch, with 15 units of outdoor 3MP IP CCTV. What kind of cabling type and method suit the best for cameras? Fiber optic? What is the best way to run the fibers? Or does wireless solution work? And also the right power solution for the cameras? Would like to get everyone's advise and suggestions on the best reliable solution and robust design. Hope to hear more from everyone... Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi everyone, I've heard that Samsung IP cameras is bundled with free Samsung recording software and CMS software, is this true? I browsed through Samsung software and they have many different software ie. NET-i ware, NET-I viewer & SmartViewer. Has anyone used this software for recording and CMS purpose? Just wondering if you guys have any opinion that you can share with us on this free software that comes with the IP camera. Besides this, what advantage does the free Samsung software has compared to NUUO SCB-IP+ software? Thanks in advance!
  3. Soundy, Our technician switched to another pair and it worked! Thank you for your advise.. We asked the local elevator service company on using their spare traveller but were told there wasn't any left for us and if they have they would not let us use it. Maybe that's why nobody in our area had used the traveller. One more question, I've heard of a new product, Qccess laser optical video transmission system which is wireless and it comes with a 3 year warranty. Just wondering anyone here has any experience using this before? How's the video quality? Thanks!
  4. Soundy & tailbone, Thanks for the advise. As you mentioned the cat5e model that we were supposed to use is with stranded core. Can you advise which Belden cat5e comes with stranded core? Thanks again!
  5. There's probably not much that could be said at this point if you are the original installer and ran the cable. The burden and expense is on you to correct the problem in accordance to local code. If you didn't run these cables you need to tell the customer to contact who did and have them correct the problem. The issue is you are now liable if you ran the cables or try to modify what someone else did. Either way, you need to work with the elevator company and eat that expense of them ringing out a pair for you. Probably no justifiable way to pass this cost to the customer as this should have been charged up front in the proposal. Obviously there are ways to get around the problem in a less than professional manor. I'll leave that up to someone else to answer. Tailbone, I don't really understand why should we bear the expense since we did not provide any warranty on cabling works in our proposal earlier. I mean most local installers do not offer warranty on cabling. And the cabling has been done and it's been working since 6 months ago. Do you offer warranty in your area?
  6. Thanks to all your replies. Appreciate it. Can anyone advise how should I explain the cause to my customer who doesn't seem to understand that the cables may break due to constant flexing. They think that cables like Belden should have gone through tensile and bending test during production and the cables shouldn't break. Thanks again.
  7. Hi Soundy, Thanks for your quick response! Yea, I don't think the technician used all the pairs. We could try to use another pair. Thanks again. One more question, we used Belden 1583A Cat5e for this application. Is this model suitable for elevator application?
  8. Hi everyone, We've installed two analog cameras in two separate elevators of an apartment block using Belden cat5e with video baluns. The videos were great but after 8 months, one of the camera was having video loss while the other in another elevator is doing fine. We've checked the cables and we suspect the cables must be cracked somewhere causing video loss. Are the cat5e cables strong enough to be used inside the elevator? Is the movement of the elevator caused the cable to crack? Is there any possible cause of the problem? Thanks in advance!
  9. missmimi

    Infrared Camera Reflection

    Hi everyone, Our customer requested to use enclosure for infrared camera so we supplied and installed them. The problem is when the IR lights turned on, it caused reflections. I think it should be caused by the glass on the enclosure, am I right? Or is there any other reason? Can infrared cameras be installed in enclosures just like the CCD box camera? Thanks in advance!
  10. missmimi

    Camera Sony Chipset

    Hi everyone, As I know most CCTV has Sony chipset whether it is manufactured in Taiwan or China, but where is the Sony chipset manufactured? It is also manufactured by the same factory which produce the camera? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi everyone, Our customer, a 10 floor hotel will be installing over 50 cameras and they do not want to have too many cables running back to the DVR which is located at the basement. We are thinking IP cameras or fiber optic cabling. Can anyone advise which is a better option? Thanks in advance!
  12. Recently we just changed a new battery for a Picasso DVR. When we turned it on afterward, it kept loading and entered into an "AS MODE". No matter what we do, it stayed in that mode with options to format the hdd. My question is do we need to reformat the hdd once we changed the battery for all DVRs? Or is anyone familiar with Picasso DVR? Please help! Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi everyone, Which Cat5e is more popular: Belden Cat5e or Siemon Cat5e? Pls tell us why. Thx!
  14. missmimi

    Noise in Elevator CCTV

    Can we use RG6 for this case? Will RG6 solve our problem?
  15. missmimi

    Noise in Elevator CCTV

    Total 22 floors.