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G4-8RTA-D1 vs Panasonic WJ-RT416

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How would something like the G4-8RTA-D1 DVR compare to Panasonic's DVR lineup. ie WJ-RT416 (MPEG-4)?


Since I already have a Panasonic WJ-MP204C Data MUX (to control/access Pano cams), I am wondering if I should start trying other non-Panasonic DVR solutions. This is all for residential use, but I have expensive tastes, even if I have to save up to buy something (usually used though).

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What about the G4-8RTA-D1 vs the Panasonic WJ-HD316? Does anyone even use the HD316 anymore? I have the HD316 but not tried it out live yet. Just wondering if I should upgrade to something more modern. I have all Pano cams and also a Pano Data MUX to control Pano cams and access the setup menus.


I would prefer a hyrbid DVR, in case I want to try out some IP cams.

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