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Anyone used Samsung cameras with the new A1 chip?

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A1 is out in 2009 and It is the first chipset supporting 600line in Color.

It was supplied from Samsung electronics but now it is supplied from Samsung Techwin(same company)

It has various versions like

A1 chipset with 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD(ICX408/409)

A1 chipset with 1/3" Sony Super HAD II CCD(ICX638/639) <-- recommendable

A1 WDR chipset with 1/3" Sony Super HAD DS CCD(ICX212/213)<-- recommendable


My customers say that it has really good BLC programming and its WDR function is the best among 600line products. Color tone shows a little reddish but it is ok.

I have seen the video clip showing good and bad between chipsets for 600line. It is a little different as I experienced.

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Last I read Techwin is different from GVI, or is it just Techwin supplying GVI with the products or chip?

GVI is pushed alot as Samsung among US distributors, but Techwin is still sold also.

I always preferred Techwin over the GVI gear.

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I think that GVI sells samsung brand products alone and it is sure that Samsung will not provide chipset alone to them. Now Samsung Techwin is the only company of manufacturing CCTV in Samsung companies and it sells A1 and Winner series together.

as far i have heard, it seems A1 sells a little more than W-5 nowadays. economy is bad and there is not a big demand in E.U for W-5.

W-5 shows color tone as like previous winner series shows. i think A-1 color is artifically changed for better looking.

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