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  1. I have bit my tongue about this long enough. But Larry, since you so ignorantly made this a public affair, being that you are the owner of the site, I will have my two cents in at as well. I dont know what your prejudice is about my site Larry. I can understand the comments of a few select people saying stuff like this because of the jealousy of our success, but coming from you, I just dont get it. I have paid you thousands of dollars in advertising but anytime anyone says something about my site, whether they are a re-seller or just a previous customer, you throw a fit about it. The fact is, I have alot of customers on here. Reason being is because I have paid alot of money with banner ads for months. Therefore, there is going to be alot of people on here talking about my products, well because they seen the ad, and purchased the product. If they are satisfied with their purchase, then they will come on here and talk about their purchase. You have deleted a few of my customers comments about the good experience they have had with us which I have bit my tongue about, the customers did not bite their tongue and they let you know how stupid it was of you to totally delete their posts. You know which ones I am talking about. If you have other dealers on here crying about our business getting mentioned so much to you, then I suggest that they do what I did, pony up and spend some money on advertising and quit crying about it. If you have sponsers on here wondering why our business gets talked about so much and they dont get talked about at all, Well its because I ACTUALLY PARTICIPATE IN THE FORUM. If they want to be talked about more, then perhaps they need to go further then just posting a small link to the left of the page. No problem I understand that, But you better be completely fair about this. You cant just target one business like you are doing mine. I can give you several examples of how this policy was not implemented on several other threads. I can also give you TONS OF EXAMPLES of certain individuals blatently recommending their products and basically saying all other products are inferior, and making you feel stupid if you didnt buy their products. Yet you dont say ANYTHING AT ALL to these people. Everyone knows who I am talking about too. Being the owner of this discussion board and publically talking about and defaming the name of another business is not a good idea. I have PM'ed you more about this in private, probably something you have should done in the first place. Get a clue dude! The reason why people refer us so much is we sell good products and stand behind them and support them. Why buy from a place if you have a problem with it and you dont know who to call to support it. Heck even you called me the other day asking for tech support on trying to get your bullet camera to work with Aver. The funny thing is, you didnt even buy the bullet camera from us, ! Well you got your work cut out for you. My guess is that you will butcher tons of threads like you have in the past. This will be the last post I will have on this forum since the owner has made our company a blasphemous word. I have made alot of friends, customers, and business colleagues on this site. Thanks for everything. Feel free to email me or call me if you need to reach us for sales or tech support. Not sure how long this thread is going to be up and I am sure many other stupid things are going to be said about us. Unfortunately you wont get to see all of the many other good things that have been said about us a well because the butcher cometh to butcher the threads. [edited by Larry to identify who quoted what ]
  2. This is a Uverse router which throws everyone off. I have one here at my house. Here is what you need to do: It looks like you already made a user defined application judging by your screenshot. That part is correct, next you need to go back to the Firewall>Applications, Pinholes, and DMZ page Here you will see the part that says "Select a computer". Be sure to select your DVR from the list (SEE FIRST PIC) Then you will add your user defined application from the application list (SEE SECOND PIC) Also, if you are not sure which is your DVR from the select a computer list. You can go to the routers home page and it will show all of your attached devices and you can click on the Device Details to see the IP of each device. (SEE THIRD PIC)
  3. Good picture, but Still looks like no IR. Go out and see if you can see a red glow coming from the LED's. It has to be pretty dark before you can see them. I imagine the noise would clear up once the IR comes on.

    Qvis / EyeSurv RTSP URL

    Hi Liquid, I got your email and replied. Thanks!

    Qvis / EyeSurv RTSP URL

    Hi, If you can PM me or email me your order info, I will show you how to do that.


    Its kind of confusing because its not ip cameras.

    Dahua Single View Remote Viewer

    Probably better to contact him through his website. Havent seen him on here in a while but have email conversations with him from time to time. All his downloads can be found at;
  8. Good to know. I will keep an eye on the market for these and the prices. I always liked the idea, I was just never sure if it was going to catch on. Judging by ISC west though, it seems every company had an SDI line.
  9. How do you like them? I still cant get too excited about it until the price gets below IP. Seems like you can make a 4 channel IP system for cheaper than you can a 4 channel SDI system, even using Avigilon software. I do like the plug and play concept though that you are talking about for customers who are not real tech friendly. I do see the prices dropping every month though. If it continues to drop, I think it may have a go in the market. But then again, IP systems are dropping too.
  10. Your previous pictures looked better when you had IR reflection. Now it appears you have adjusted some type of video setting.

    DVR Monitoring and Backup Software

    you can check with dahomes555, his USA based company offers a monthly dvr monitoring service for certain brand DVR's
  12. looks like a bad case of IR reflection. Make sure the gasket IR seperator is pushed up against the glass. Also, it just looks like it needs a good re-focusing. The top part of your picture is out of focus while the bottom part is not. Bring your laptop out with you to focus it in the evening when the sun is low and not glaring off your laptop.

    Best bang for the buck camera?

    3 Big Differences: #1) Not Vari-Focal #2) Not ICR - wont have the night time performance that VCM-24VF has. And wont see IR light. #3) Not Dual Voltage

    Working conditions

    Yeah we have had a heat wave recently too. Worst time of the year in my opinion

    PSS login error

    It does not have a thumbnail search, but as far as a day and hour timeline, it does have that. It has it both at the console as well as the PSS remote viewing software. If searching with PSS, be sure to search by time as opposed to search by file. Specify an entire 24 hour period. You will then be shown all of the recording events for that day. You will have the 24 hour timeline at the bottom and a more precise hour timeline at the top: