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Video not being streamed

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Alright, I really need some help here.


I have been trying to figure out a problem with why my camera system is not streaming the video since the installation company closed.




using dipmap.com


Everything seems to be correctly setup and USED to work until somebody restarted this computer. All of the ports are forwarded to allow the connections. The Web Server is up and running, and you can view the cameras on the dv-600 software. There is a static ip and we use DNS client to set it for the dipmap site.


One odd thing is I enabled the creating of jpegs, and now the dipmap site allows me to view the "jpeg image viewer" with a "live-like" feed of the cameras.


Is it any issue with the mpeg4 encoder viewer? It loads the quicktime application and just shows it loading until it stops.


Anybody have any advice or questions? I'll be as cooperative and technical as I possibly can to get this issue resolved.


Attached are a couple of screenshots.



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WOW. All along the issue was using Chrome versus I.E.


It just baffled me because the cameras will work for another workplace of mine with Chrome, but not this store. Interesting... well thanks for making that click in my head!


Appreciate it!

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