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  1. CameraGenius

    How can you spot a fake GeoVision card?

    One last word of advice, if you are in the market for some clone/fake dvr cards, MAKE SURE that you buy at least 3 of them. The reason for this is because we have several companies that we provide products to that do use the fake cards, they tell us that for every 5 that they get, they always get at least 1 to 2 dead out of the box. The rest of the cards that they do buy and use usually always fail or become defective in under 1 year of being sold. These buyers are aware of it and when they test them out to find the bad ones they just throw them in the garbage. If you are buying one just for yourself to tinker around the home or workshop, that is one thing. But to use one for a paying customer, that is just not right. At least let them know what you are doing and make them aware that it is not an original and at the expense of saving money for the customer, the fake card will have a high rate of possible failure within the first year. Contrary to popular belief, they are not made in the same factory that GeoVision uses. They are made to be sold for profit, not for reliability. It should speak highly of geovision enough that people are making efforts to counterfeit their products. I go to China every year to meet with vendors and see the teen aged resellers all the time. If you buy one, that's it, you are stuck with it. Don't expect any support, service or any kind of intelligent dialogue on it. And since they are so cheap, its never worth the shipping cost to send back to Shenzhen. Actually we had a local company sell a customer a fake system. The customer turned out to be an attorney with anger management problems...This guy was like a bomb waiting to explode. Not what you would call a "nice" customer. The customer came to us to fix the problem since the installer couldn't be reached. ( The installer was a real smart-a$$ jerk) We advised him of the fake card and he went freaking ballistic. He sued the company and put them out of business. This is probably the only time we've heard of this actually happening. If you buy any geovision dvr card products, make sure it is from a reputable distributor or dealer that can handle any problems you have.... That is if you are a good and honest security company looking to stay in business and build a good reputation.
  2. CameraGenius

    How can you spot a fake GeoVision card?

    Here are some pics to compare the fake card from the original... If you ever want to check and see if the dvr card is fake, contact the guys at dvrkits.com and they should be able to give you a firm answer in 10 minutes.
  3. CameraGenius

    How can you spot a fake GeoVision card?

    There is alot of good information on fake or counterfeit geovision dvr cards on these pages: [edit by mod-store links removed] It seems that the counterfeit dvr card manufacturers are getting smarter with the release of their cheap cards. They are putting a fake holographic sticker on the front of the card that is almost exact as the same one provided by geovision. Also, they are putting false bar codes and serial numbers on them as well. The one thing they are not doing is marking the 1,2,3,4 numbers on the video processing chips like the guys at geovision does. Every other month we get a fake card in... as expected the customer is enormously pissed since they paid the full retail price. Usually the cards are around 48 bucks and ended up paying 560 or something like that. What we have found is that the fake cards never seem to last more that 1 year or usually come up with a counterfeit or fake error.
  4. CameraGenius

    GV-600-4 '09 card, under warrenty, geovision latest sofware

    ok price is now $85.00, it's listed on ebay, item#150591892393 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150591892393#ht_641wt_1141
  5. I have a GV-600-4 camera card, it is an '09 card and works with all the latest geovision software. Card has a 3 year warranty through Geovision. I am a US resaler directly from geovision so no worries on the card being legit, it's 100% legit geovision '09 card. Card comes with ALL original manuals/dongles/disc/boxes. Asking $100, can be paid through paypal or a money order. Let me know if you guys have any questions. If you're interested email me at jeremy1208@gmail.com or jporter@esentia.com
  6. CameraGenius

    1/3" Color 520TVL Box Camera for $74

    PM me for full spec sheet, have a bunch of these in stock and need to get rid of them had a customer ask to stock them and he bought half and didn't get the other half of the stock
  7. CameraGenius

    Video not being streamed

    What web browser are you using?
  8. CameraGenius

    FS Axis Camera Station 10 Camera License

    best offer takes it
  9. CameraGenius

    FS Axis Camera Station 10 Camera License

    $800 or best offer
  10. I have an unused 10 camera Axis Camera Station License that I ordered and my customer decided that they did not want it after I received it. $800 shipped to 48 lower states PM me or post a reply if your interested, thanks
  11. I've had a few customers have some issues with the new software not showing the "DSP Spot Monitor" option. Geovision suggest: first make sure the “Enable DirectDraw Overlay” is checked in the "System Configure", if it's still not working after that setting is changed you need to load the default Multicam settings using FBR and this will fix the problem This fixed all my customers issues with it and just wanted to pass this info on if anyone else is having this issue.
  12. CameraGenius

    geovision gv600 all camera are blank

    I've seen this happen before, try turning off the directdraw overlay in the system config
  13. CameraGenius

    Dell Vostro 2XX series? Ok for Geovision?

    I have used a Vostro in the past with Geovision without any issues. I would just make sure the motherboard is an intel chipset and you should be good.
  14. CameraGenius

    DSP Overlay startup disable

    Is there anyway to disable DSP Overlay on startup for Geovision V7050? Thanks for any info.
  15. CameraGenius

    Real Time at D1 Resolution

    2 GV-2008 Cards will do this