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Video loss - Pixord IP Video Server

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Help, as i am pulling my hair out.




I have a Vantage internal fixed dome (12v), within 4 metres of a Pixord IP

video server, now on my hand held i get a cracking picture with no video

loss, but when i plug the coax into the video server i get a picture for around 30 seconds and then it goes, basically it's up and down.


Any thoughts????





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No, i am pretty sure there is no interference, today i ran a seperate coax

lead and pulled a power supply from another part of the building and problem remains. I think it maybe a earthing issue as whenever i touch the camera it starts to work (using me as a ground).


I connected a earth wire to the metal housing and this made no difference.


Out of my 4 cameras 1 worked ok, so i took that camera unit and inserted it into a housing where the other camera did not work, and hey presto it works, but the camera that i thought was faulty now works in the good loaction


But heres the wierd bit, i took the coax cables from the Video server to adjust the back focus on the cameras, did this then put them back into the video server, and now i don't have any pictures on any cameras.


The install is at an old pub (200 years old), would power supply be an issue even if it's being stepped down to 12v DC ??????


My theroy is that the old pub is haunted, not sure the customer will buy that one.



Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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