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Outdoor Wireless IP housings

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We are looking to place cameras in the parking lot adjacent to our location.


We do have experience with wired IP cameras, but are new to wireless.


Couple questions:


1. We are looking into a housing like this: http://www.videotrec.net/wirelesshousings.html


a. Would we be able to place a WIRED IP (Geovision) camera inside of this housing, and gain wireless accessibility? Or would the camera need to be some sort of "wireless ready" or already wireless camera?


b. Does anyone have any recommendations of a housing to use (With heater and blower?)


2. What sort of reliable range should these wireless types handle? None of the cameras would exceed more than a couple hundred feet from the access point.


Thanks in advance for any info!

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since most housings are metal cased, you will need a housing has an antenna outlet that allows

you to couple up with a wireless camera held inside it. You cannot just get a wireless IP camera

and place it in a housing as this will severely reduce the range if it allows a connection at all.


Most wireless IP cameras come as IP66 rated outdoor cameras with IR built in so you needn't bother about

housings. Range will be entirely dependent on conditions, distances and camera specifications and of course

your router antenna. An outdoor hi gain antenna connected to your router could be an option worth considering

to maximize wireless range.


Come to think of it there's nothing to stop you using a traditional housing and fitting an outdoor antenna to a wall or mounting pole both at receiver and at camera. Look a bit messy with more than one camera on a single mounting though.

see this link


Good luck...

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