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Casio TE 2200 Connected to AVermedia SA5000

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I got a client who wants the Avermedia SA5000 system, and wants to connect to an a till CASIO TE 2200, i cannot see the casio

listed on the option for the SA5000, and i need to know if they will communicate via the AVermedia Data box? The till does have a Com port.

Thanks in advance.



the tills listed in the dropdown menu are for cash registers that are to be networked. if you are only using 1 till then you only need two moxas

software for the moxa is pre loaded on the sa dvrs (how far is your till from dvr)


part No, Moxa TCC-80 Serial Port Powered RS-232 to RS-422/485 Converter




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Thank you for replying


My clients situation has now changed and has decided to upgrade to a epos system (windows based)


the problem we have at the moment is that the dvr will be in the back office and the till in the front, approx distance will be around 15m distance.


Is it possible to connect the RS232 from the till to the databox and from the databox i can connect the moxas convertor so that i can run a cat5 data cable from the front of the shop to the read and then convert it back into rs232?





can i connect a a cat5 (rj45) fromt he epos machine adn straight into the avermedia dvr to recieve the data?



Thank you for your help



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