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Aver EH1008H vs Mace SQ80 (Dahua)

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Hey everyone,


After a lot of searching and hair loss, it is now down to these two options. They are both within my price range, and I like the idea of hybrid over straight analog, but quality has to come first.


Plans for the cameras are four 3.6mm cams and three vari-focus with floodlights for night, preferably dome. I'll be recording all the time and using the motion detection to help filter throughout the video. I'm having a problem with the neighbor so I want to be sure to catch as much as possible.


Any thoughts you have would be very appreciated.

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My budget is pretty limited, so I went against the advice of the board members and bought a Q-see bundled with some cameras. The dvr is worse than the Lorex I have as the videos are much grainier. Live and learn.


I'll be ordering the avermedia later today.

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