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What can you guys comment on pelco endure systems are they any good and how is there prices compare to others.

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I have setup many endura systems. endura, endura 2, and endura express. Cost: not cheap. Can use so pretty serious bandwidth. gigabit preferable if not required in most cases. This depends on size and how spread out the system is. Endura can be quite taxing with some switches. Pelco can recommend the ones

that they have tested with endura. We mainly use cisco.


Endura express is a cheaper solution. No seperate System Manager needed. up to 64 cameras last I checked.


Endura 2. More cameras, dual SM's. Multiple NSM's


Pelco sells workstations or you can get the software if you have a capable station of your own.


The ones we have setup have been very reliable once setup properly. Can work with existing cameras ip and analog with the encoders/decoders. Mpeg4 or H.264.


I havent setup other major ip based systems other than pelco. However we do love to use axis cameras with our systems aswell as pelco.

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