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  1. Soundy you are right about the vga male\female it did not work i went out and got a 10 feet one to try it out but out of the 8 cams just 3 pop out on the monitor. I search for a NV-3213S the one you mention but the price is way to high for this project plus i would need two (one on each side right?) I really dont want to throw so many coax cables so i will keep serching and trying till i get it done thanks for your advice.
  2. Oh boy, this are geovision cards Soundy, you ran into problems doing this with this cards? HTElectrical i think this would look much more cleaner (and cheaper).This office has a drop down ceiling where i can put a rail up there to hold the weight of all this cables and go from there to the vga extensions but like soundy says i will go out and buy a set first to try it out i called my local computer shop here and they have 20 feet for $12.oo bucks. Can yall help post some pics so you can get an idea of what im working with. Thanks
  3. Hello to all, Advice for this project please. A client has 20 dvrs two racks with 10 dvrs each. with a minicom system to be able call the dvrs on the working station and a matrix. O.k heres what they want. They want to move this dvrs to the office next door not the matrix only the dvrs. I estimate about 10-15 feet distends from where they are now. You guys with experience can imagine the black spaghetti mess of cables behind this dvrs/matrix. and of course none are label. Option one: Throw new runs from matrix to new location (but there is a money issue here with budget) Option two: use the cables that are there where the dvrs are now and patch them from there to new location. (using less cable but more connectors) Option three: using vga cables from where the cables are now to the dvrs. Im not sure how you call this but it has the 8 bnc cams connect to then this peace connects to the back of the dvr card. i was thinking of putting a vga cable there and into the dvr on the other end. And i would be using 20 of this cables. The worst part is low budget and me not being able to loose this client or project.How do i post pics on this forum? Any advice i will thank for very much.
  4. ayalas

    can't believe somebody got paid for this install

    Thats cause you haven't seen the casinos i done work in behind the matrix looks like a spiderweb.
  5. ayalas

    Video of Moron stealing my baby stroller

    Nice recordings did you install your self.
  6. Hello im new withis gv cards and my question is what megapixel camera is compatible with the gv 1480 version 8.4? Thank you.
  7. ayalas

    gv with windows 7 question

    Ok i see forget just an os upgrade im better off with a hole system up-grade or like you say a new comp. I wish i could just keep xp but my new raid card aint having that.
  8. What are the good and bad reasons to connect a casino surveilance dvrs to a hotel network? Is it a good to have the m.i.s department of the hotel have access to the casino side of the dvrs on a network? Or should the casino have its own network apart from the hotels. Thanx.
  9. ayalas

    gv with windows 7 question

    Hello my question is i have a gv card on a dvr thas about 5-6 years old i havent open it yet so i dont know what gv card it has but its the same age. i wanna up-grade the os to windows 7 it now has xp. Starting at witch gv card is compatible with windows 7? i mean im preaty sure the one io have now its not compatible with 7 so where do i start on a gv card that is compatible with os 7. I hope you understand my question.lol.
  10. Is there anything we can do with this bad harddrives that dies out on the dvrs after a while? I have like 5 of them that have died out on me since 2004 should i just throw them out is there anything else they can be use for.
  11. ayalas

    cams-dvr-matrix or cams-matri-dvr

    I was just wondering if there was any difrents. But what's a DA?
  12. Hello my question is as posted. Whats the best way to for better recording quality. From the cams fix\ptz to the dvrs first then to the matrix or from the cams to the matrix then to a code distribution unit then to the dvrs?
  13. Wow cant we all just get alone. I started this post only for some info on ip from analog. But now im even more confused on it between ip and hd. This casino has about 150 cams total (small island casino compared to the us casinos ) i would say about 80% of the cams are pelcos iv ptz the rest are fix cams most honeywell. With a pelco matrix and a few dvrs but i respect everyones opinion here and i do learn from you guys, i especialy like to read survtech being that he has a casino backround in witch im new at and need as much info as i can get. I hope i can continue to read in this forum and learn of you guys.Thanx (my two cents)
  14. What brand is that ptz. Pelco? Maybe a pic of the inside of the ptz would help.
  15. What can you guys comment on pelco endure systems are they any good and how is there prices compare to others.