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Remote Console Problems w NV5000

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aahhhh. Third party remote access may not allow you to see the cameras. Because they use their own overlay method, it may not send the overlay data fro AverMedia. Try this with AverMEdia's remote login. You should be able to see it then. Logme-in does not show you the camera images, for example. And a third party remote app is not really a way to remotely view you cameras efficiently.


Actually they seemed to work fine after I made the one little update with Teamviewer and log me in, but I do understand what your saying about the overlay. My main problem was not from outside of my LAN it was using the PC's at home to view the DVR on my home LAN. I tried to start simple before I wanted web access to the DVR. The whole webviewer is another big issue, but that starts with the anal setup of my ISP.

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