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A few Questions about new NV3000 card

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Update-I just opened the CD and began reading the manual. Sorry for the noobie post.


Just got the card, waiting for some bnc cables.


Just looking at the card, can anyone tell me what following do:


1. I/O connector (is that for stacking?)

2. The Watchdog and reset pins (I guess you short the reset pin to "reboot" the card??) I figure watchdog notifies you of a drive failure, how do you set it up?

3. TV out Link Connector.


Thank you


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I/O is for the add-on card that can be connected to sensors and relays.

Watchdog is connected to the reset pins on the motherboard and the reset cable from the case goes to the reset pins on the NV3000.

TV out link is connected to the other Nv3000 cards if present so that the TV out signal can be retrieved from that card if the camera to be displayed on TV is on that specific card.

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