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Connecting siren to DVR

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I'm having some difficulty adding an external 15 watt 12v siren to a customer's 4 channel DVR, do I need a siren driver or power supply, I tried just wiring the +/- directly to the DVR and that didn't work, I know it can be done, but I think the ports in the rear of the unit are only triggers and don't supply any voltage, so if someone could recomend the best way to get this done, I'd appreciate it.


Here's a simalar layout:



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by a cheap 12VDC relay from radio shack ... a power supply, and then tie in the output to the relay .. the signal output from the DVR triggers the relay which sends 12VDC to the siren. Most Sirens have built in Siren Drivers these days, unless you want it without it.


If you buy a siren without a siren driver, then you could buy a voice driver which "talks" as well. Either way you still need the relay and power supply.


Some DVRs may even have the relay and 12VDC output built in.

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