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  1. LOL, I just finished putting a couple of cameras in my apartment complex myself, and now I have the neigboors wanting to get cameras for their apartments too.
  2. qman

    Boxes not turning red

    Me too, don't know why, but me too.
  3. qman

    "It takes a thief"

    I know one of these guys, they work mostly at Westchester NY and Greenwich CT. They use Scarsdale Security, who until about 2 years ago, where unkonwn in the NY metro market. The actually use Honeywell and Ademco DVR'S, and sometimes use Dedicated Micros. Cameras? man, but 1000 manufacturers, who the hell knows who actually makes them.
  4. qman

    Geovision 800

    It has to be the video card, 32meg ram seems to be too low for that card. Also, make sure that your display settings are at 32bit color.
  5. qman

    Price of Gas

    Man, it's hovering arounf 2.50 here for regular, I remember when I was 15, no car yet, that gas was around 1.00 a gallon.....
  6. Cheap solutions? sorry man, there is no cheap solutions when it comes to security.
  7. HAHAHA. I was going to suggest checking the hard drive, is very common when having problems with recordings and such.
  8. Rory has always been like that. Since we are in this topic. I was asked to quote a system for one of my property managment companies. The property is a pain in the ass since I have to do major wireless transmissions, The property is like a small communinity that has townhouses all over, and they want to cover mainly the parking lots. The longest runs are about 200-500 feet, and not always line of sight. I really don't want to go with targus on any expensive solution like that. If anyone has any ideas, shoot them this way.
  9. There is a COAX interferience box that grounds all of the shielding at the end of the run, something do do with wavelenght manipulation. Let me look thru my stuff and I'll post the name and website.
  10. qman

    First multi-floor bldg.

    Those things are way overpriced.
  11. qman


    Hey, sorry, but I have no internet access till next week, have been without for 3 weeks, using a neighbors now. I did what you PM me about.
  12. qman

    No idea but he needs sleep!

  13. qman

    No idea but he needs sleep!

    Holy $&&&. HAHA, damm, we all need to get a life, wonder what kind of life she has in bed all day then?
  14. qman

    Vitek camera IR problems

    VITEK won't get a penny of my business. There is a lot in this industry that I have found out in the last few weeks, and one of them is how VITEK owner's (2) screwed a distinguished member on this forum out of his business. Trust me, If was allowed to tell the story, I don't think that anyone with any self respect would give that company any business.