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Issues with Geovision and PCI cards

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Have recently come across issues (blue screen, memory dumping,crashing, rebooting) with 3 systems we have built,

gv600 and 800, h61 and h67 mb's, have found out 4 weeks later that they are not supported, told to use the pcie cards, supplier here has none, and I am really annoyed, (they should have been aware) and not selling OLD stock.........

anyways the result is to get pcie cards, so we have an order going in to rectify this issue, hope it saves others from the same drama's and wasted time.

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Im having similar issues lately as well with PCI cards... but my supplier stocks PCI Express regularly luckily so im good there. I prefer PCI Express these days anyway as my motherboards have 3 PCI Express compared to 2 PCI

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