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Mr. Din

Can view over LAN and on Iphone but not with IE8 on a PC.

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Just installed a K Guard 8 channel DVR system. I can view the system over LAN fine and I also can connect and view on my Iphone with the MEye app but when I try to view on a PC with Internet Explorer 8, I type in the ip addy http://xx.xx.xxx.xx:xxx and then all it does it go to the cannot connect to page, page. I assumed since I could connect with my Iphone I should of been able to connect via PC/Internet. What could my problem be?


Ive configured the dvr to use port 125

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If you're using a dvr with an unsigned active x codec you'll need to go into.

Open IE8 > Tools > Internet Options > Security (Tab) > Custom Level

and set "Unsigned ActiveX Controls" to "Prompt". What that will do is allow

your PC to install the controls without giving you any headaches.


Also in IE try not typing in the port number and just doing the IP and let us know

what your results are please.

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