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How to combine local & remote setups in a single interface.

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First of all hello to everybody on this forum as this is my first post.


---------------Here is my query------------------------

We have a local and remote CCTV setup. Local cameras are connected to a seperate standalone DVR and viewed via its software interface on PC. The remote setup is not configured over the internet but via an expensive Access point device (not router) installed on terrace and viewed in its own software interface on the same PC. Inshort two different interface (or applications) for viewing local and remote setups. There are no internet connections.


What we want is to view the two different feeds in a single interface (for e.g a webpage).

The problem is we could not devise a way to achieve our purpose. We are short of ideas. First of all is that possible (is think so, yes). Could setting up (and how) a virtual (software) router or a virtual NAT or run a local webserver (e.g xampp) solve our purpose. if yes pls explain how or for that matter any other way you guys could suggest that could solve our purpose.




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Speco has a nice CMS software. You can combine local or remote, but it is stand-alone software and not web-based. I have also seen what you are talking about done over Remote Desktop Software.

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I have a prospective customer that requires thii sort of setup, He has one existing 4 camera system in a shop and wants another 16 camera system in his other shop. He wants to watch both from his office at home.


Do both DVRs have to be the same brand?

What software could I use at his office to combine both feeds and to allow control and recording?

Some suppliers offer free CMS software but it nly works with their own brand so they say is that so?

I don't want to supply a replacement DVR if it's not necessary as I believe in doing the best by a client.

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