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IP Address it not accessible in Eagleeyes App

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I tried to setup the network of my DVR.

Now I can monitor it with Internet Explorer in PC.


So that I tried to monitor it in Eagleeyes (iPad 2)


When I finish setting everything and try to access, the message pops up "IP Address is not accessible"


I am so confused with it because I have 2 house with CCTV.


The first house has no problem, I can monitor it via Eagleeyes Application on PC and Tablet (iPad, Smartphone)


But, the second house got this problem.


The message pops up that "IP Address is not Accessible"


So I don't know what happen with it.


Could it be the firmware of DVR ?

Thank for any comment in advance

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1. Review your setting in Eagleeyes App (Add, Port)

2. Review port forwarding on Router (Add, DDNS, Port, firewall)


You view in PC from Local network or Internet ?

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