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cant connect dante dvr to laptop.

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Hello everybody.

I recently bought a dvr (dante ver: dlw 5916wal). but i am having problem connecting it with the software.


the software they have provided is pss v4.05.

i have connected my laptop and dvr via lan. not internet.

i have set the ip address, given the gateway and all.


when i ping it, it shows a positive result also.

but when i run the software, it shows logn failed. (time out).


theres an admin account inside the dvr whose login details i have given in the software.

but still the problem persists.

i am unable to access the dvr using the software from my laptop.

what did i miss? what mght be causing the problem?


If someone can identify the problem, please help me out..


one thing i forgot. when i asked a friend he asked me to run a command in cmd. nbtstat -a followed by ip.

it gave host not found as reply.

i dont know what it means. thought it might be of some help.

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thanks for the reply keat63. But it still didnt work.. Dont know what the problem is. Still unable to connect to the dvr.

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And are you confident that you have the correct IP address, Port number and user account.

I'm not familiar with this DVR, can you access it from the front panel.

If so, are there any login restrictions that might require configuring, ie login times etc.

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keat63, i disposed off that dvr. and bought a new dvr. this one is dahua.

its gives a good feed when connected in a lan. but still there are problems remaining.

i am posting it in the forum. please help if possible.

thanks for the reply. and sorry that i couldnt reply sooner.

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