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PSTN remote viewing needed

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Hey everyone,


I have a customer that is located in an area that does not support DSL or Cable. He has a 4-channel DVR with loop out video and no networking.


He wants to view his cameras remotely and understands that it will be super slow due to the narrow bandwidth of regular phone line but still wants it anyway so I figured that I could loop out the video from the DVR to the input of a video transmitter that accepts PSTN. Otherwise I will have to rig up some kind of 56k modem to the network jack of a network enabled DVR.


Does anybody know of a cheap 4-channel video transmitter that can be installed to a phone line so I can satisfy this customer?


Any help would be appreciated.




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Ive used the GE RSM1600 in the past (once) and it worked right out the box ..



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