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Need Driver/Software for Kodicom KMC4400R DVR Card

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Dear Friends,


I have bought a Kodicom KMC4400R card in a bulk deal of mixed equipment, can someone provide or let me how to get its driver/software?


Thanks and Regards,


S. M. Noman

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Drivers are actually quite easy to come by for this card. It works very well in Linux with Zoneminder as the CCTV software. If you want a windows solution, the best bet is to goto http://www.saysecurity.com and get in contact with their sales department. They sell Diginet 5.2 software with drivers for $99.00 That is the very software that your card was actually meant for as well. If you are running Windows 7, you will need Diginet 5.3. I do not know the price for that version as I have never used it before.

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