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Hooking up the PTZ connections to NV5000

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Hello Everyone,


Great Board, happy to find it.


Here's my issue:

My client got a used pc based CCTV system, it has 4 NV5000 cards. He told me the person he "got" the whole system from had 2 PTZ cameras (pictured) installed, but can't be 100% sure all the equipment was given to him (IE controller, adapter). The (pictured) PTZ cameras have the video BNC, red, black, orange, and yellow wires. I purchased the RS-485 to RS-232 converter, which makes it a serial 9 pin. I plugged it into the lower serial port (the only other serial port there I have the monitor plugged in to). Nothing happens, I have video, and also upon plug in, I get the startup turning, then stops. I can't get control and move it in any way.

I also have a DVI port on the cards that I dont know what it is used for, (the lower serial is on the motherboard).


Do I need a different card?

Should I get a USB to RS485 adaptor? then will the software recognize it and I set it up?

How do I hook this up?


Also, I just noticed the actual file to open the program says NV3000, but on the screen I see the cameras on, it says NV5000.

Thank you in advance.




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