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  1. myplace46

    Adding Pelco IP camera

    Hi john just go into I.E and type IP of camera ... load activex and you will have direct control of the camera to do settings. Thanks Tom, I'll give that a try, I appreciate it. John
  2. myplace46

    Adding Pelco IP camera

    Hi john. going into adjustments on DVR will be slow as they are camera settings. have you tried going to camera direct and doing settings. Hi, No, I'm not sure how to do that, bought these used with no manual.
  3. myplace46

    Adding Pelco IP camera

    Hi guys, I recently purchased 2 Pelco IX10DN cameras and I'm trying to use them with my Aver 6840e card. I can get connected in "camera settings" but when I try to go to "Details" to make final adjustments, it fails to connect. I'm stuck at about 1 frame per second and can't make any other adjustments such as color, video quality mode, frame rate, etc. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks, John
  4. myplace46

    converting digital to analog?

    Thanks, guys, I'll check that out. I'm not really too concerned about the IQ as this would only be used to feed video to my analog system so I can view them in another room. Right now I can only see 8 of my 12 cameras, the other 4 are megapixel cams. I'm using the Aver-6480e card for recording and viewing on my computer. I'd just like to see whats going on in real time from my living room.
  5. myplace46

    converting digital to analog?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a way to connect my ip cameras to my Pelco DX8116 DVR? Sure would be a big help if i could do it. Thanks, John
  6. myplace46

    Pelco Rack mounted System

    Hey guys, Due to illness, I'm having to retire from work and I'm selling most of my security equipment. See pic's for what I have and feel free to PP me for more information and photos. 16 channel syst. 3 Keyboards, one MPT9500 and two 9760's with power supply's. 4 monitors: one Dell 19" VGA one 10" portable (ac/dc power) two 19" Pelco monitors, one is hi def CRT one is LCD both are new. 1 Genex 4016 multiplexer. various pan tilt controllers. Systen 9760 includes: 9760-CUD-T, 9700-CC1, 9760-MDA, 9760-MXB, 9760-CTX Pelco 32 ch breaker controlled camera power supply. Pelco DX8116 DVR with 1 TB HD. I'll have other cameras and housings available too. Please note; the rack mounted PC, the one with the key hanging, isn't included. Asking $1850, I will consider breaking up this package later on if it doesn't sell soon. Thanks for looking. John Pelco 32 chan 24v camera power supply. and Pelco DX8116 DVR.
  7. That's pretty cool! Wish I had your talent. I had a problem when I tried to expand the window, it locked up on me but, it works fine if I don't try that. I wish Aver would make all their windows do that. Sometimes its a PITA. Cheers, John
  8. myplace46

    Pelco Matrix system

    I thank you sir! That should help, I'm sure I'll be hollering back at ya soon! Thanks, John
  9. myplace46

    Pelco Matrix system

    Thanks to both of you for the reply. Looks like I jumped the gun on asking for help right now, turns out I have to wait for a power supply to arrive for my 9760 keyboard before I can do much of anything. Plus my MDA just went on the fritz. have another one on the way. Last week, I hooked up my system manager PC to the CC1 and used the wizard to set up node 1. After I set it up, it showed no CC1 and no MDA. Also didn't show any cameras views except one. I know I'm in way over my head on this but, I'm trying... Survrecn, what you are telling me about transferring files to the CC1 via dos, is a bit confusing to me but, must be where I'm messing up. After I get the keyboard power supply and jump back into this, I'm sure I'll have some specific questions I'll need some help on. Thanks again guys, this site rocks. Cheers, John
  10. Hi, Do we have anyone here with Pelco Matrix System experience? I'm trying to set up a system that includes: the DX8100 dvr 9760 matrix bay, 9700 CC1, 9760-CXT, 9760 MDA, 9760 key board, ect. Thanks, John
  11. myplace46

    Outdoor Pan & tilt motor

    Hey Pedro, I'm not sure you can find anything that will be suitable for your needs in that weight class. My best suggestion is to check out e-Bay. I've seen them there but, have no idea how well they are built. Try searching for this item number 370653433996 Cheers, John
  12. myplace46

    fs---Ganz MP!DN

    A 2gb hard drive would be great The picture quality is great and the camera see's in the dark as good as my other camera's [if ya can't pick it in under two minutes, drill it] Hey Quick Pick, You must mean 200gb ? I have a 500gb I might be interested in trading, let me know. Cheers, John
  13. myplace46

    For sale or trade

    Sorry man, Wish I did. cheers, John
  14. myplace46

    fs---Ganz MP!DN

    Hey quick pick, what do you consider a large capacity hard drive? I have both a MP3DN and MP5DN and they are fine cameras The problem is most folks aren't real familiar with them. I bought mine on line for $100. Just to let others know, they are US made and Arecont built the MP series. cheers, John
  15. myplace46

    Current mobo for nv6480

    You're really welcome. Have you gotten your 6480's yet, or are you just getting your list together? cheers, John