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It's Time...

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...that I introduce myself.


Hi, my real name is Jim and I'm a DYIer from the wet side of Oregon. My day job is as a wildland fire logistics manager and I am a photography enthusiast-advanced amateur. I am also a hobbiest woodworker, a homeowner, family man, and did I mention DYIer. I am just now venturing into the world of CCTV. I won't go into why or what but circumstances have driven me to feel the need to know what goes on outside my home when we are not there or asleep.


As many DYIers have d, I have already made the mistake of buying an all-in-one (Costco) kit. Although this kit is pretty good, I am not entirely happy with it. Here is a screenshot of just a few minutes ago. Bear in mind that camera placement and the installs only temporary. And I did say, "the wet side of Oregon"



Buying this kit was not a bad thing. It escalated the learning curve. The DVR is pretty nice. Seems to be quite capable but doesn't seem to just do want I want. It's the Qsee QT528. The cameras are the 1/3 CCD bullets with 4.3mm lens. They do OK (as can be attested by the above screenshot) but they are limited in quality and I feel they won't last long. Their adjustment hardware (for aiming) is pretty weak and in just days, one already has lost about 6 LED's. But the whole kit is going back to Costco.


Anyway, I think I'm starting to get the feel for this thing now and have ordered a new kit from Sean (@ Nelly's). Sean has been a great help and answered my emails promptly and worked with me when I wanted to change product AFTER I ordered. He was patient when I botched the order. I can't say enough good things about Sean.


My kit now consists of (or will be, it'll arrive on Tuesday):


1- Qvis Apollo HD 16 Channel Security DVR

7 - Qvis EYE-N35-V2G-N Outdoor Eyeball Dome 2.8-11mm 600 TVL

1 - Dahua ESC-Z30 30X Optical Zoom Camera W/ Auto Focus 3-90 mm Motorized Zoom Lens

1 - Netrome SH-1253 1/3 CCD 3.6 mm f/2 indoor camera


Sean didn't have an adequate power supply (or I'd purchased his) but I found an 18 channel 29 amp power supply through Amazon. I've already got it and it looks pretty good, fully fused (20 of 'em all together) and indicator lights for each channel. I'm installing with CAT 5e and baluns.


Wish me luck!! I'll soon open a thread and tell you about my layout and what I intend to accomplish.


WARNING, Soon the dumb questions begin...


~Jim (aka SublimitySam)

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Welcome Jim.. I'm also new here and learning at a great pace.. My mother lives up your way in good 'ol Newport on the coast -- also very wet territory. I'll keep an eye out on your progress as I'm interested in what others are doing as well!

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