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** Geovision Problems - Questions - Please help ASAP **

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Hi guys,


I have a customer with 4 geovision cards

16 cams on each

totalling 64 cameras


I took this contract over from another company. they performed this installation 4 years ago.


two problems i have


problem 1: old service provider did NOT provide me Admin or Super's password, option to reset password physically on DVR is greyed out. How can i reset this? Do I need to format and re-install windows as the registry fix




problem 2: old service provider did a horrible job with the wiring, cabling behind servers, now i have to order new VGA dungles or pigtails as the wiring is so mangled it gives horrible output.

I have tested the cameras with my Axis tool and I know the cameras are ok.

What else could be the problem ?

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