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CCTV Leads to UK rioter being sentenced to 11 1/2 years

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Most of you will remember the outbreak of riots in the UK being reported in the news some time earlier this year.

One particular area just outside London called Croydon was reported as having a family furniture store of some

140 years of being in Croydon having been set alight and burnt to the ground. The offender is just so lucky that

nobody was killed by the blaze as there were a lot of people on the street that night.

I think the sentence is not too long for such an offense. The Arsonist was on the street and started the fire by throwing his petrol bomb through the store's window. The essence of the riots, (jealousy) was supposedly the motive.


Thanks to CCTV footage, the rioter arsonist that set the fire during the rioting, was caught and sentenced to

11 1/2 years in gaol (jail). Stories like this convince me that I work in a worthwhile industry and give the the

pride to think that I am making a contribution ( small as it may be) to society. It spurs me on to want to constantly improve what I do to the best of my ability.


Obviously police trawling through thousands of hours of CCTV footage lead to the evidence being put together, British Police (and US Police) are notoriously tenacious about things like this and thank heavens they are.

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From Good Friday: 3 teenagers mug a woman walking home from the grocery store directly under my home camera. The kids went on to commit 9 other robberies. This footage was the key to making an arrest. Its from a dahua Qvis Zeus. CCTV is well worth the investment.


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I can't tell who these guys are from Adam, but of course we are only seeing one frame.

It's a good feeling that you were able to make a contribution to law, order and justice.

Fortunately, most CCTV operators are happy to offer their footage to police and police

can piece together a fuller picture of what crime took place and who was responsible by

looking at load of different cameras in the area that crime took place.

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If you believe CSI, Criminal Minds, and NCIS then all law enforcement have immediate access to ALL public and private surveillance cameras with the flick of a button


I always giggle when I see that.

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