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Business CCTV System upgrade advice&tips Asking for help!

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In this image you will see the current cctv system in place:



This is the upgrade scenario & questions:



Questions (same as in picture, text format)

1 What video capture cards recommend?

2 TVS best by hdmi or vga or rca?

3 What monitoring software it’s best to load?

4 Need be able to send only 12 selected cameras feed to the tvs, same feed on 3 tvs. Possible?

5 PC any specs more reliable than others?

6 NAS RAID 5 (5 TB) by Ethernet, can I save the cameras recording on NAS server?


as always happend I'm the new IT person, project left for later for too long can;t skip it anymore

Any tips, advice, tricks will be much appreciate it " title="Applause" />

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