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Problem Configuring DVR ot PC

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I have just bought a 4 / 8 ch system from Kguard.


After I bought RJ59 cable because I thought it would be quite a while before I can get Cat5e in this country all the suppliers started supplying it.

I felt like kicking myself for not waiting a bit longer.

As soon as I can get my DVR configured to my PC I will upload some pictures.


I have contacted my ISP who done their configuration on that side.

I changed my Web port to 00081 & my IP address to

My other settings are:

Media port: 9000

Net mask:


DNS Server 1:

UPNP Server 1: Disabled

I contacted Kguard support & they gave me the correct software for window 7.

The problem I have at the moment is I can’t upload my DVR to my computer.

I have tried 3 different Ethernet cables which work fine on my internet but my PC still won’t pick up my DVR.

I remember seeing a thread somewhere with someone who had the same problem but I can’t seem to find it again.

Is there anyone that can assist me?

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Okay, so to login to your DVR, you need to type the IP address into a web browser. Is that what you meant by connect?


If you're looking for it to show up like another machine on your network, I've never seen that happen.


If you ARE using a web browser and you still haven't been able to connect, make sure that the DVR and your computer are on the same subnet and both are getting IP addresses from the DHCP server or router.


Additionally, make sure that the default IP of the DVR isn't conflicting with any existing IP addresses on your network. That can create connection issues.

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When I log into the system I get a screen like the one at the back.

When I click on add DVR I get the front screen.


My user & password is the same as the admin password on my DVR

If I press auto check model I get an error message " network or DVR busy,login error.

If I press ok I get a message box " No device found, Login error".

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Did you resolve this issue ?

I have the same setup and am experiencing the same problem.

I have done all the obvious. Port Forwarding for 80 and 9000.

Configured network settings on the DVR.

When I type the IP of the DVR into my browser I get the KGuard login screen, however I get Invalid Login.

If I go via the Kguard Center and add the DVR, I get the same error messages as you.


One thing that puzzles me - This worked ok until I enabled User1 and set up a password for it.

Then I got annoyed with the box continually asking me to key in a password, so I disabled User1 and reset the

default settings for the 'admin' password.

I have rebooted, restored all of the box to defaults, and it still gives the same messages.

I am figuring something has been affected by the password change ?


If I am getting the Kguard screen loaded from my IE browser, then the issue cannot be network and must be a login one ?





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What version of windows are you using?

I have managed to install it on my laptop which is vista & desktop which is windows 7.

I first tried Linux but can't seem to get it to work yet.


You have to download the XP compatible version otherwise it won't work.

I contacted their support centre & they must have configured something on my DVR because it seems to be working fine at the moment. (I have only just got it working a few hours ago)


Their cameras don't seem to be any good at night.

I bought a day / night bullet & you get a much clearer picture than their IR cameras.

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