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Ports behaving oddly, as well as Netviewer

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Hey everyone

New to the forum.

I ran into somewhat of a road-block with my installation.



I am trying to set up a security system [standalone 8-ch DVR by Zmodo] with a linksys WTR120N router.


So far I was able to set up the system for the local network (although it is being a little stubborn and does not always log on on the first try through Netviewer)


But my problem is this:

Although I have set up the ports on the DVR as well as the router made sure they are correct and that they do match etc and I have forwarded ports before, when I use a site that tests you ports such as "yougetsignal" the weird thing is that they would show closed. Then I can test it again in a bit and they are open (for example: today they were open at 12:13 and then were closed at 12:20 when I retested), I have not changed anything during those times.


The issue that I encountered with Netviewer is that although it would login to the DVR to view the cameras, it would have times when it would freeze or give me errors from the cameras with text "Open window failed" in the camera window and it would post that in every window at about...30 seconds apart but although annoying, is not a major issue.


Has anyone seen anything remotely close to this? Could it be as simple as a faulty router? I am also wondering if there might be something that needs to be done modem-wise but as far as I was told these modems come factory ready for port forwarding so nothing needs to be done.


Thanks for taking the time to read and for any advice!

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Sounds like a physical issue to me - network cable, router or DVR. If you're having issues connecting locally, to start I'd take a look at the network ports on both the router and DVR. Look to see if any pins are bent, misaligned or dirty. Try using a different network cable &/or a different port on the router. And yes, it could possibly be a faulty router.

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Thanks for your replies guys

I will be testing another router as well as experimenting with other ports.


I also contacted ZMODO and they were pretty baffled as well. The ports were forwarded correctly, etc.


Guess next step is trying to test a different hardware or something.....still odd.

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Did you try verifying with the ISP that they are not blocking any port traffic? Some ISP's in smaller rural areas don't give you a public IP address, so the port forwarding doesn't work. I'm not sure what would cause it to be open sometimes, though.

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