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Looking for recommendations and help

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Hello,,,I am looking for recommendations for a 16ch DVR and cameras to monitor my home. There would be 2 indoor cameras that would be places on each floor in the middle of a far end wall. It is a raised ranch but has an open floor plan on each floor so I believe by setting them up in the living room upstairs and family room downstairs they would have a clear shot down the hallways to the other rooms as well as catching the front and back doors. I would also like an outdoor camera right at the front door, corner of garage to catch the driveway and then one at another back door that leads into the garage and at 4 other corners of the house so I have a complete view around the entire property that would catch all 1st floor windows and doors. Internet and Blackberry access is important to me. And of course clarity and resolution as what good is the system if you cannot make out who it is. I do not want to spend a fortune because I am not guarding Fort Knox but would like something that is reliable with decent quality. I have read Dahau is many of peoples favorite but sure haven’t had any luck finding any of the resellers.Thanks everyone for your help!!!

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Hi bobm. if remote viewing via blackberry is important then you are best loading some BB apps and try a few first. many say they have BB viewing but it does not work.

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