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Siedle expert, please help

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Good afternoon,


One of our residence has a Siedle installed in her place. I see DAC 610-0 with La & Lb hooked up a live phone line and 1 & 7.1 hooked up to other Siedle modules.

Her 2nd line stopped working; thus her Siedle system.

I replaced the 2nd phone line with the 1st phone line. Using my butt set, I hear a dial tone at the La & Lb.

My question is when we press the front button of the Siedle, there is no notification tone like before. Her phone system is Panasonic kx-taw848.


On the transformer module, I noticed there is NO red light.


I am decent with meters, troubleshooting...


How would I find out whether it is the Siedle dialing or not dialing or the phone system not ringing...


Thanks so much

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