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  1. towermaintenance

    IT vs IP cameras

    To create a separate subnet, if it is due to labor, I have all the resource I need. Labor ? All u need to know how to do it may be another switch Where are u located ? (4) cameras are on one side of the building and will be on an Etherwan POE switch. The other (4) are on the other side and are on another Etherwan POE. The 1st POE switch will be plugged into the second POE which will be connected to the IT switch. We are in the Woodlands, TX.
  2. towermaintenance

    IT vs IP cameras

    To create a separate subnet, if it is due to labor, I have all the resource I need.
  3. towermaintenance

    IT vs IP cameras

    I truly believe I am in their playground. Thus follow their rules. This is the easiest route. This is why from day 1, I have been working with them. Sadly, they are the one who blamed slow network on the UNINSTALLED camera system. Not just one, but twice.
  4. towermaintenance

    IT vs IP cameras

    BTW, all the cameras are 3MPs. Despite my scant knowledge in networking, I test the system at my building prior to taking them onsite. I asked the IT guys to give me the lan info so I can program them. IT wise, this is a small setup (9 computers, 4 printers...) with Comcast business class. May I know what is the best way for me to approach this? Knowing my owners, despite being extremely conservative with $, would spend more so the IT company could not blame us.... Thanks
  5. towermaintenance

    IT vs IP cameras

    My error - the lan IP given to me is
  6. Hope you IP/network experts would chime in and help. My knowledge of IT is like my 20-500 eyesight without glasses. At one of the building I maintain, we are installing an IP camera system (server & ( IP MP cameras, POE switch.) Since I was using the IT guy’s playground, I asked him to grant me (9) lan static IP address, (6) open ports, and WAN address. I was given 192.168.160-168, and port 5001 to 5010. I was supposed to install last week. As of today, the camera system has not been installed. Last Thursday and this morning, the computers in the building slowed. The manager called IT company and she was told it is due to the camera system. I am glad that I am behind my schedule. I remember reading somewhere to run a parallel backbone to prevent the IT guys blaming network problems on cameras. Is the parallel backbone (I have no idea what this is) the answer? What are other solutions to insulate from the IT guys? What would you do? Thanks for your help.
  7. I have searched for dual nic card set up and still need clarification. If you know some literature, please point me to those articles. Please don't laugh. For all our buildings, I have been placing the cameras on the same network. Basically, it was one computer, one modem, one router, switch will all the cameras... Part of my learning of CCTV, I would like to put (4) cameras on a server. That will go to one Nic card. The other nic card is the public side. Basic questions such as: If the Lan is 192.168.0.X How do I address the static IP for the cameras and servers? There is not a Dummy section where I can go to and post there. Thanks
  8. My owners are from the far east. Initially, to save $ and support their friends who owned conglomerates in China, they brought in lots of products from reputable companies in the far east. During our first year, non-emergency parts are from the far east. Great ideas and execution. However, it is a single part that is the weakest link. The product is only as good as the weakest link. They look at my hours R&R their brought-in products and now prefer us to buy reputable products here. At least we get the support should it fails. For example, I installed and removed (5) IR lights that they insisted we used. Raytec and Iluminar ceased that circus. The analog cameras (about 2-year old) are now fading; just right the time we are selling the building.... We just purchased (2) Panasonic SC-385. Thanks so much for your help.
  9. Aside from Axis, panasonic, and Dahua (hate to say, but I have been averse to Chinese-made product), are there others? Does not have to be outdoor proof. Thans
  10. Looking to replace (2) Samsung SNC-C7225N PTZ cameras. Not really interested in low-end cameras. Thanks so much for your help.
  11. Happy New Year (in 15 hours!) Our Exacqt video server (16 ip and 8 analog) is near end of its life. This is their older unit which came with the building my owners bought. Will the following computer make a good substitute? Since the hard drive is small, I know we need to purchase a NAS. Positive and negative thought of going this route? HP Z800 FM103UT#ABA 1 x Xeon E5630 2.53Ghz NVidia Quadro 2000 Card (10) GB DDR3 SDRAM DDR3-1333/PC3-10600-300GB HDD Thanks so much.
  12. Good afternoon, One of our residence has a Siedle installed in her place. I see DAC 610-0 with La & Lb hooked up a live phone line and 1 & 7.1 hooked up to other Siedle modules. Her 2nd line stopped working; thus her Siedle system. I replaced the 2nd phone line with the 1st phone line. Using my butt set, I hear a dial tone at the La & Lb. My question is when we press the front button of the Siedle, there is no notification tone like before. Her phone system is Panasonic kx-taw848. On the transformer module, I noticed there is NO red light. I am decent with meters, troubleshooting... How would I find out whether it is the Siedle dialing or not dialing or the phone system not ringing... Thanks so much
  13. towermaintenance

    500 ft remote camera

    Hello there, We currently have an analog surveillance system. Still have (3) channels left in the DVR. Need to install a camera at guard shack that is 500 ft away. Running wire there is not an option. As matter of fact, the computer there gets internet access via wifi (per IT guy). The shack does have power. What choices do I have to install the camera that will work out there. Thanks for your help.
  14. We took down (3) of the Mobotix M12. In our engineering shop, the cleaning crew inadvertently trashed the blue plastic foam “Insect Protection” from our bench. Any idea of others material that would accomplish the same thing? Thanks for your help
  15. Desperate for yall expertise. Need to relocate a Mobotix camera and Raytec Raymax 50 Fusion 30. The Mobotix and Raytec will be 500 feet from Switch. The wires will have to go through 30 feet of ½” conduit with electrical power wire from that electrician ran from gate vapor mercury lamp. The gate vapor mercury lamp is 180 feet from camera. OPTION 1: 1) Use the electrician-ran powered wire to power to Raytec and Mobotix camera at the pole. 2) Since maximum cat5 is 328 feet, I can place a switch at 300 feet and feed that back to main switch. QUESTIONS: 1) OK to share 30 feet with electrical power? I2) f I am unable to place a switch at 300 feet, which of the lan extender should I use? Is this a good idea? Since this facility is about 400 miles away, I don’t want to return. OPTION 2: Have the electrician convert electrical power to 12volts at the mercury vapor light so the 30 feet of electrical wire is now 12 volts. The 12 volts run length is about 180 feet. QUESTIONS: 1) 180 feet of 12volt a good idea? 2) Still need to either place a switch within 300 feet or use Lan extender. OPTION 3: Use Mx2wire to POE the camera. QUESTIONS: Do I still have to convert the electrical wire to low voltage in the counduit? Thanks so much