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EdiMax 3030: Blocks Of Color?

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Can anybody say what is going on here? (the blocks of color, not the heavy pixelation)...


The cam is inside a garden shed - sort of in "Burn-In/Test" mode.


First thing that came to mind is that it is sharing that shed with an IR-equipped cam, so I unplugged it - but no change:

(the light bco the motion-sensing flood that I triggered when going in to unplug the IR cam)


I tried powering it down and then back up. Pic was ok for maybe five minutes, then same-old-same-old.


This is an el-cheapo cam, but I've had pretty good luck with one just like it at an outdoor location and never seen anything like this.

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Sensor is burned out. Next step is landfill. Did you use it where there was direct sunlight?

No. That one is fresh out of the box and I did not even unpack it until late in the day on an overcast day.


Also, it's identical sister has been working a-ok for most of the season looking out over a bay in all sorts of weather.


Could the IR-emitting cam in the same shed have burned out the sensor?

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