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residential cctv with ip

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Please help with this issue.


I am leaving on vacation for 3 days. I have dogs and my daughter is going to feed the dogs. I have something in one of my rooms that i dont want her to see. I am going to lock the door with a lock (inside door to bedroom)...


Here is what i want to do...I want two cameras....one in the bedroom that will be locked with light on. and one camera in my living room kitchen dining room area as an overview of that area to check on dogs.


I also want to be able to check on them via the internet ....with either laptop, ipad3 or android phone with 4g.


I need to be able to connect with a wire to each camera (sound optional) and record (i have external 2tb usb recorder and both mac and pc computers) continuous video for those 72 hours that i will be gone.


I need a simple system that will accomplish this task . please help as this needs to be done in the next week


Thanks so much



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current equipment


inspiron 570 quad core, 8gb ram 2 tb external hdd and 500 gb internal, osprey 100 video card, hdmi and firewire capibilities, dual monitors 37" and 23"


dell xp- sound

dell xp- monitor webcast output to livestream and justintv and dacast


apple g-5, final cut, photoshop, after effects. (VIDEO EDITING)


alesis mixer


Canon Gl 2 Camera

Sony Hdr xr 500

HP Webcam USB


mics and headphones cords and lots of accessories


We do a couple of webcasts or podcasts which ever term you prefer,


Retired Electrical engineer but from analog days....i would say i am intermediate in my computer skilz


I installed a processor....lol....no biggy there for sure....but i do my own hardware changouts...


I only will want to do this thing one time meaning it will be temporary but need to record and be able to see from inet on my ipad or laptop or htc thunderbolt phone....




Thanks in advance for responding



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I'd say that You should invest in analogue DVR + analogue cameras. This way You'll be able to see preview via internet (also phone apps dedicated to each DVR) and You'll have a guarantee that system will be stable. Using IP cameras would be better, but it might be more expensive to buy a system that will have all the functionality You desire.

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