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Panasonic wvcs574 setting up RS485 with Samsung spc-100 help

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I am trying to set up a RS485 Contoller to work with my Samsung spc-100 keyboard.

On my Panasonic WVCS574 I snipped the rs485 cable and have the following 5 cables:

RED, YELLOW, ORANGE AND GREEN with a brown earth.

I have tried numerous ways to get it to work and the cameras dip switches are in a 4 way communication, 1 cctv camera end of line set up, 9600 and is set to id: 01.

On the keyboard every time I try and turn the joystick TX flashes on the keyboard.

I just want someone to help me and tell me where the coloured wires should go to on the back of the keyboard?


Data Transmission:

Red: T (B)

Orange: T (A)

Data reception:

Yellow: R (B)

Green: R (A)


Tx1: - +

Tx2: - +

Tx3: - +

TRx: - +


Thanks Adam

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The WV-CS574 is ONLY supported Panasonic protocol controller. You may check that the Samsung SPC-100 build-in Panasonic protocol or not.

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Thanks Ricky Im not expert but i started thinking that it was something to do with that


im guessing that's what is the matter i need a Panasonic controllers as i tried everything all the D and P and 2400-9600 and cross wires etc etc


Thanks for your reply as it confirmed what i was thinking may be the problem



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