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SVR-1670 SVM-S1

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Hi all,


I have SVR-1670 Samsung model.


Im login in to svm-s1 main program but I can not view our cameras. Because on the device screen, session admin ok, session admin pass unknown. We don't know about this admin pass.


SVM-S1 Main login : 12345 - I know this is.


How do I can reset all configuration SVR-1670? I can't login menu screen. I heard continues beep voice, because I don't know password.


Sorry for my english.

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I think the default admin login is probably one of :


username : admin

password : 1234




username : Admin

password : 11111111


If that doesn't work then I guess you have to reset to factory settings. There is probably a way to do that without an admin password - but I don't know it.


- Reddal

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