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Need some Advice

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Hey Guys,


Im doing a quote for an access control and security system for a 2 story clinic and need some advice on a good and reliable access control and security system.


Any advice out there?


The access control will only be for 1 or 2 doors with a magnetic lock and card access. System must also be able to access via pc for logs and setting up etc.


The security system will have to be wired and consist of the normal door/window, PIR and glassbreak sensors. nothing too fancy.


Any recommendations ?


Thanks for your help

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I only know about access control, not alarms, but here's what I've used and speced that works.


The #1 access control is HID Global. You can get a VertX V2000 controller that supports 2 doors and then get 2 readers. There's plenty of software and cloud partners to chose from. We use a cloud provider because we don't want to maintain a PC for this.


Also, there's also BrightBlue from Schlage, the controller is access via a browser, easier to use than HID Global. Also has wireless capabilities which is nice in some cases.


The second largest provider is Honeywell, I don't see them as much as HID and don't know much about them.

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