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This really goes out to the Kodicom and Anykeeper Ebay buyers.


The majority of posts regarding these cards so far have either started off as a member looking for support or software for the cards, or it ended up with someone else providing assistance on how to crack them.


The facts so far is Kodicom does not sell cards, unless you are a major rep or builder of DVR systems. So this tells us if you bought a Kodicom card from Ebay, you can be certain it is a pirated card. And if you are an end User, it is also more than 99.99% likely a clone also.


As for anykeeper, it is more difficult to determine as they DO sell cards.


Basically we do not want this forum to grow into a Warez for DVR cards.


The other thing is that most of the time, you are going to have problems with the software included with those Pirated cards, such as corrupted Zip files, or incorrect software versions. Problems like support from the suppliers of these fake cards, which make people come looking here for help, is also an issue.


If you bought a pirate card at a low price, please DO NOT COME HERE looking for support.


Members here will be more than glad to help you with legit cards, cameras, Ip systems, and the like, but when it comes to something that can actually be taking business away from the members here who run legit businesses, and undermining the legitimacy of this forum as a great source for CCTV information, it is not right.


In all fairness if it is not the real thing, no one should be on here looking for help.


It would be like going on a Microsoft Windows Forum and asking how to crack the Vista Activation, or asking Nortons why the activation crack for Norton Security isn’t working.


Any posts or threads which include information on Pirated Cards, Where to find software for them, how to disassemble or decompile them, will be removed.


We want to keep this forum legit.

Thanks for your understanding.



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